The Principal is responsible for the effective administration and management of the College so as to facilitate the achievement of the College’s aims and objectives in relation to its ethos and educational provision. He/she provide leadership and management for the College and represent the best interests of the College. He/she is responsible for the maintenance of good inter-personal relationships at all levels in the College and contribute in a collaborative managerial approach and the creation of a spirit to co-operation, trust, respect and partnership among the staff, students, parents, University officials and local administration.

The Principal requires considerable time commitment and flexibility. He must be prepared to be present at all important College functions and to carry out a range of professional duties in accordance with the College’s policies and objectives as determined by the University College is a complex organization. In a dynamic environment, where different and large number of components interacts, Principal is an authority or a chief executive who manages the college affairs. His job is indeed highly demanding and a challenging one. He has to plan, organize, co-ordinate, command and Control the activities of others, so as to realize the organizational goals He should be the reservoir of certain managerial skills to be successful in his task