1. Teaching and Learning for the improvement of students.  

    1. We are motivating the students towards his/her choice of subjects and give detail information about the syllabus as introductory lectuers.
    2. Using multimedia and powerpoint presentation for teaching and learning.
    3. Offering Co-curricular activities.
    4. Generate the Skills of students towards his/her career.


  2. Strength of Faculty and effectiveness  

    1. Increase the number of faculty members by outsource.
    2. Enrichment of teaching quality of faculty members.


  3. Research and Seminars  

    1. To promote the students about the research after his her PG level.
    2. Support the departments whose faculty members have potential towards research.
    3. Organize the departmental seminars and workshops for upliftment of teaching and learning system.
    4. Arrange research publication.
    5. Equip our library.


  4. Institutional Effectiveness  

    1. To maintain work culture in the institute.
    2. Constructive Management
    3. Positive thiking to all employees.
    4. Motivational Approach.


  5. Towards Community  

    1. Active participation to the local community with NCC, NSS and Cultural team members.
    2. Sharing knowledge through different programmes.
    3. Social work like cleanliness drive, plantation, literacy drive, awareness programme etc.
    4. Sharing with the community during festival.
    5. We communicate through College Prospectus, Display Board, Media, Website, Class Room visit and notice, College Magazine and different display banner.